Managing Software & IT Projects Course

Software & IT Projects Course

P.M. Team Ltd offers a 130 academic hours Managing IT Projects course which teaches a variety of tools and techniques, relating to Information Technology projects.

Module 1: Sessions 1-9, Introduction to the project management world, teaching tools and techniques in the main project management knowledge areas, according to the PMBOK® guide:

  • Integration management
  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Risk management
  • Procurement management

Module 2: Sessions 10-17, Introduction to the IT world, teaching definitions and techniques for managing IT and software development projects:

  • ALM
  • ITIL
  • UML
  • Agile methodologies (Lean Development, Scrum)
  • CMMI
  • Cloud computing and its meaning
  • Test and quality checks (static testing, white box, black box, bug classifications, test levels)

Module 3: Sessions 18-22, Management skills and soft skills:

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Soft skills
  • Negotiation management
  • Communication and management styles

Module 4: Sessions 23-25, Final project:

  • Project plan build up in teams, relating to high level design of an IT system, scope, budget, schedule, HR and risiks
  • Guidance for project planning and tracking in all of those areas
  • Final presentations and a guest lecture

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