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    Project Management Recommendations


    "I wanted to thank you for a dedicated and professional service, [...] Your PMO support, along with establishment and improvement of working procedures and check lists, both for projects and for ongoing department operations, were highly beneficial for us. We enjoyed and still enjoy from lasting results of your work. P.M.Team's work ethics was outstanding, delivering results with professionalism, great atmosphere, quick response time and high level of care and devotion." Veronika Loiferman, PMO and Global Launch Manager, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd outlook
    "The personnel that P.M. Team Ltd. provided did an excellent job of integrating the installation and commissioning of the new process systems into the normal construction activities, bringing clarity to a very complicated project. CDI is highly satisfied with the support that Dan Barzilay and his team provided which makes it easy and a pleasure to recommend P.M Team Ltd. as a supplier of PMO services on complex multi-disciplinary construction projects." Peter B. Strachan P.E., Executive VP Special Projects, Commonwealth outlook
    "P.M. Team managed to build complex schedule and submit the project plan for the end customer approval as well providing us professional services in: building, updating and controlling the project schedule and its sub projects, producing and submitting internal and external reports, men load planning and assisting the project engineers and building a weekly work planp [...] There is no doubt the professionalism of the PMO by P.M. Team contributed a lot the project management." Alon Hadad, Project Manager, Koor Metals outlook
    "As the PMO of the Phoenix, we are working hard to manage many project management challenges, so I’m happy to say your guidance and work helped a great deal in the following:
    • Project Server customizations
    • Validating and improvements to the work processes
    • Project management methodologies and advises regarding the Dashboard
    • Joint thinking, help with design and development of the system according to our needs
    • Defining KPI's for the project managers and senior management
    The project management in our company took a positive turn thanks to you."
    Sharon Levy-Daklo, PMO Team Manager, Phoenix outlook
    "We would like to recommend P.M. Team Ltd, for providing us highly professional PMO and Document Control services and ongoing operational support.We would like to mention the dedication of the team, the professionalism, the availability and the ability of the CEO, Mr. Dan Barzilay, to allocate the teams and the qualified people to the different activities and tasks in our working sites" Eli Biton, Director of Operations, Chemo Aharon outlook
    "This is the 4th year we are working together, a long period of time, which allows me to express my appreciation to the professionalism, devotion and the focus of you and your team. You managed to finish tasks ahead of an aggressive and demanding schedule and performed many tasks while keeping a friendly and pleasant working atmosphere." Saar Admony, PMP, IT PM, Omrix outlook
    "The implementation included methodological and  technical aspects using Clarizen project management system. [...] P.M Team professionals personally arrived to our sites with vast professional knowledge, highly motivated and with a lot of patience to conduct the training to all levels of employees. The feedbacks from our units and dairies were very positive, and you have been asked to continue your guidance and assistance sessions after the first implementation, for improvement purposes." Ran Kopel, Manager Of Corporate Investment Budget, Tnuva outlook
    "[…] successful implementation of Clarizen project management software, as their work was very professional. [...] A company is evaluated not only when path is smooth and wide open but by the way it handles challenges. P.M. Team faced the challenges of tight schedule and limited budget against various issues and they delivered the goods! [...] I have a vast experience with project management in some of the leading companies in Israel and I must admit that P.M. Team efforts were far and beyond the norm." Sagiv Amit, Technical Eng., Concept Creative Technology outlook
    "I wish to note that from the very beginning of the project, the P.M. TEAM crew was professional, responsible and committed. Those qualities were crucial for the project success, in order to overcome the challenges along the way." Vadim Beigel, PMO Team Manager, Phoenix outlook
    "I wish to recommend P.M. TEAM Ltd for team development processes and coaching sessions they delivered in the past two years. Following the feedbacks from the teams and testimonies from the field, we definitely feel that development and coaching processes helped the teams to cope with the daily conflicts and challenges...."" Dafna Bar-Ness Segev, Training Lead, Omrix outlook
    "P.M. TEAM Ltd supplied us with excellent project management services. I was delighted to see that Dan's work and P.M. Team's services were highly professional, creative with good human relations and excellent results."" Eran Bargil, Senior Program Manager, Micron outlook
    "I wish to express my utmost satisfaction and recommend P.M. TEAM Ltd for its PMO and project management services. In a short period of time P.M. TEAM has managed to establish orderly project management processes and working EPM systems, combined with PMO services. P.M. TEAM's services were characterized with high level of professionalism, practical added values, proactive approach and excellent human relations." Rotem Regev, General project manager, Siemens outlook
    "I wish to thank P.M. TEAM Ltd who supplied us with PMO services for electrical installation project at Intel Kiryat-Gat. Although the project already started when you joined, you have quickly succeeded in putting together an efficient PMO system, technically and methodologically. P.M. Team's engineers were characterized with proactive and hands-on approach." Danny Suissa, Operational Manager, Elmor Electrical Services outlook
    "I wish to recommend P.M. Team's excellent PMO services! [...] P.M. Team's work was chracterized in professionalism, creativity, commitment, great human relations and qick response time to any project management issue. P.M. Team's support provided me, as a project manager and a site manager, valuable project management assistance." Ron Haviv, Project Management & Supervision outlook
    "I was impressed by the PMO services, training services and consulting services P.M. Team Ltd provided us. The services were characterized with professionalism, much experience and a lot of dedication while supplying planning and tracking services as well as project management training. [...] I was especially impressed by the experience in combing PMO build up, ongoing management and support with managerial trainings." Vadim Beigel, PMP, Engineer, Planning and Control, Siemens outlook
    "I wish to recommend Mr. Dan Barzilay, from P.M. TEAM Ltd, as an expert consultant in project management. Through working with Dan I noticed he has a great human relations, he is very professional and has a lot of project management experience along with rare ability to combine project management methodologies with software applications as well as excellent focusing and execution skills, in order to help project managers and to get the work done." Rachel Hadas, VP Product, Clarizen outlook
    "I was deeply impressed with Dan's management skills, his ability to analyze and plan complex projects, the short amount of time he required to learn the relevant professional knowledge, his dedication, excellent team work skills and above all his work ethics diligence. Will be happy to supply further details" Eran Barghil, Service Manager, Numonyx outlook
  • אודות הצוות הניהולי

    הצוות הניהולי

    דן ברזילי,PMP - מנכ"ל ומייסד החברה

    דן ברזילי,PMP - מנכ"ל ומייסד החברה

    דן ייסד את החברה בשנת 2009 לאחר ניסיון רב בניהול פרויקטים בחברות גדולות והוא מומחה לניהול פרויקטים ויועץ לארגונים בתחום עם ניסיון של למעלה מ-15 שנים.

    לדן ניסיון בהובלה ותמיכה בפרויקטים ותוכניות פרויקטים מורכבות במגוון תחומים, כגון: פרויקטי מערכות מידע (IT- Information Technologies) ותוכנה, פרויקטי בנייה ומיכון מפעלים בתעשיית מוליכים למחצה, פרויקטי בינוי ותשתיות. דן מומחה בהקמה, הכשרה וניהול של גופי PMO לתכנון ובקרת ביצוע של פרויקטים ובהקמה, הטמעה וניהול של מערכות לתכנון וניהול פרויקטים.

    דן עבד ועובד כמרצה ומנהל אקדמי בסדנאות ובקורסי ניהול פרויקטים מתקדמים מטעם P.M. Team Ltd כמו גם במגוון חברות ומוסדות, ביניהם הטכניון, נתיבי ישראל, אונ' בן גוריון והמרכז האקדמי רופין.
    דן מחזיק בתואר ראשון ושני, שניהם תארים הנדסיים, של הפקולטה להנדסת תעשיה וניהול של הטכניון (Bsc, MEng) והינו מוסמך ®PMP וכיהן, בהתנדבות, כסגן נשיא (Vice President) בעמותת ה ®PMI ישראל, למשך שתי קדנציות.

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    מיכל קרן, מנהלת הדרכות

    מיכל קרן, מנהלת פרויקטים טכנולוגים ומנהלת הדרכות

    למיכל ניסיון רב בניהול פרויקטים טכנולוגים, החל משלבי הייזום, איסוף הדרישות והאפיון, דרך ניהול הפיתוח והבדיקות ועד ניהול ההטמעה אצל הלקוחות וליווי שוטף, כולל ניסיון "מהשטח" בהגדרת דרישות תוכנה, בכתיבת האפיונים וכתיבת קוד.

    מיכל מנהלת, בנוסף, את תחום ההדרכות הציבוריות ותומכת בתחום ההדרכות הפרטיות הנבנות לפי צרכי הלקוח, כמו גם מיכל מרכזת את כל נושאי ההדרכה ואחראית על הקשר בין החברה לבין הסטודנטים בקורסים השונים.מיכל בעלת תואר ראשון, בהצטיינות, בהנדסת תעשיה וניהול מאוניברסיטת בן גוריון, בהתמחות במערכות מידע.
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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