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  • Project Management Course Via Simulator

    Project Management Course Via Simulator

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    This is a project management course, designed for project managers, in order to provide them with a basic tool set of skills for planning a project and for day to day decision making, using a unique project management simulator, the PTB™ – Project Team Builder.

    The project planning and decision making, via the project management simulator, relates to the triple constraints (also called-the golden triangle), which are the most important knowledge areas while managing a project:

    • Project scope-the project management simulator will run a specific scenario, capturing the project scope, relevant to the users industry.
    • Project schedule-the project management simulator requires the user to plan and take decisions regarding the project schedule, while assigning resources and considering resource availability, other resource assignments and resource costs. The simulator uses a Gantt chart and the user can export it to ms project.
    • Project budget- there is a budget constraint the project management simulator defines. The user's goal is not only to stay within the budge but to put together a successful project plan and to take good decisions, in order to maximize the project profit.

    Organizations (IEC, Refael, IAF, Shikun-Binui, IDF navy, IBM, Nuclear Research Center and more) that have taken this course provided excellent feedbacks regarding this unique simulator training and indicated this was an interesting, different and highly practical course.

    It is optional to conduct this course with one of many scenarios already designed in the simulator (infrastructure scenarios, building scenarios, IT scenarios and more) or we can create a unique customized scenario for your organization and projects.

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    SanboxModel PTB™

    P.M. Team offers a simulation software for Project Management training.

    The Project Team Builder™ (PTB™), is a project management simulator, designed to revolutionize the training of students, project managers and project teams.

    It is used in training the art and science of designing and managing real world projects that require the use of all project management aspects. Using the PTB™, project managers of all levels can simulate real world case studies and perform "what if" analysis to predict how the project they designed might play out in the real world.

    Providing life-like uncertainty, project managers and their teams cope with managing the ongoing project in an environment which emphasizes project monitoring and controlling to a level never seen before in a training tool.

    The PTB™ is used in universities and business organizations around the world and has won the prestigious PMI Product of the Year Award.

    Research conducted compared simulated project results before and after training with the PTB™. Results show a more than 30% increase in final project revenues after the PTB™ training. Using the PTB™ clearly improves project management skills, thus increasing an organization's overall profit.

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