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סדנאת ניהול פרויקטים בעזרת 2007 MS-PROJECT, סרטוני הדרכה

MS-Project 2007 Work Shop, Training Tutorials

חומרי עזר לסטודנטים - Ms Project 2007


(Getting Started (Compatibility, Menu Bar, Toolbars

Overview and Basics Training Video

Basic Planning

Linking Tasks

Reschedule Task

Creating Milestones

Show Critical Path in Bar Chart

How to Assign Resources to Tasks

Resource Management

Setting up a Baseline

Understanding the Project Calendar

The Unwritten Rules

(Task Types (Fixed Work, Units, Duration

An Easy Alternative to Baselining

Using Graphical Indicators


Project Summary Task & Outline Number

Phases vs. Tasks vs. Milestones

Project Guide & Importing Tasks From Excel

Copy Picture to Word or PowerPoint

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