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    P.M. Team Ltd provides a variety of project and program management services and courses, including managing, planning, tracking or supporting projects within the IT (Information Technologies), Construction & Infrastructure and Semiconductors industries.

    Our services include:

    • Managing the projects – integrating all work areas
    • Analysis & Improvements of organizational project management processes– from interviews and data collection, analysis of findings and problems, to providing solutions and implementation of tailor made techniques in order to become more efficient and more profitable.
    • Bid analysis & Preparation – preparation of scope, schedule, budget, projectized OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure), resource and quality plans, for bid answer (sellers side), as well as for bid preparation from buyer's side.
    • Schedule Management – planning and tracking the project or program schedule with the assistance of project management soft ware's (MS-Project, Primavera, Clarizen, etc), including building auto reports and indictors according to the project needs.
    • Scope Management – Planning & tracking the project scope from the initial stages of creating the project charter (which has to do also with budget & schedule), defining the projects SOW (Statement\Scope Of Work) and building the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in order to break down the work to work packages for assignments and hands on management. Putting together a CCB (Change Control Board) process in order to manage scope changes and project changes.
    • Cost & Budget management – Cost estimations and budget planning according the project needs (per resources, timelines, etc), working with cost indicators, including implementation of Earned Value indicators & management.
    • Risk management – Mapping & defining the project risks, risk register build up, risk responses strategies: planning and implementation.
    • Building and managing PMO (Project Management Office) teams for successful execution of projects and programs.
    • Project management trainings, courses & workshops, including MS-Project coursesand advanced project management trainings:
      • Introductory Workshop on Project Management
      • Project Management Fundamentals Course
      • An Advanced Project Management Course, containing PMP® exam preparation
      • Managing IT and Software Projects Course
      • Two days workshop dealing with risk management, resource management and negotiation skills
      • A variety of Soft Skills workshops: Leadership & management, communication, motivation, empowerment and more
    • Coaching and training for personal and professional empowerment, team development, conflict management and various soft skills for individuals and teams, by P.M. team's expert coacher and organizational development consultant. Our O.D.T workshops are highly recommended.
    • Coaching and developing managers in order to empower management skills, soft skills, communication skills, team building techniques, and more, by P.M. team's expert coacher.
    • Facilitating organizational changes and organizational development by P.M. team's organizational development consultant.

    For additional details call +972-54-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


  • Project Management Workshops

    Project Management Workshops

    סדנאות בנושאי ניהול פרויקטים

    P.M. Team Ltd offers a variety of project management workshops, 1 to 3 days each:

    • Managing project through Outsourcing and Subcontracting, strategies, definitions, criteria's, pros and cons.
    • Bid Management, what is a bid? When and how?, principles, understanding, management, bid management techniques, tools and examples.
    • Risk Management, planning, mapping risks, response plans and strategies, monitoring, controlling and tracking risks, risk management software's.
    • Change and Integration Management, How to make the orchestra play together? How can we manage changes in a smart integrative way for higher profitability? CCB processes, change control.
    • Scope Management, the secret of scope management through dividing to work packages, scope management processes and scope control.
    • Schedule and Time Management, methodologies and tools, critical path method, theory of constraints, defining tasks, links and constraints, indicators and schedule tracking, schedule control.
    • Cost and Budget Management, cost estimations, budget planning and control, earned value management for integrative management of scope, schedule and cost.
    • Project management with MS PROJECT, technical tools and methodological know how.
    • Project management with CLARIZEN, technical tools and methodological know how.

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     For additional details and registration call +972-54-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


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