Advanced Methods for Managing Software & IT Projects Course

קורס שיטות מתקדמות בניהול פרויקטי תוכנה ומערכות מידע

P.M. Team Ltd offers an Advanced Methods for Managing Software & IT Projects Course, which provides tools, methods and necessary knowledge for successful management of software and IT projects.

The course includes:
  • Learning practical knowledge and knowhow for managing software development projects and information systems implementation projects.

  • Studying terms and project management methodologies, according to PMBOK® and linking them to practical applications of the methodologies, combined with examples of software and IT projects, which took place in Israel and abroad, in order to improve project management capabilities of the participant:

    • Integration management
    • Scope management
    • Time management
    • Cost management
  • Understanding the world of information systems and software development and the existing project management methodologies in those worlds, including familiarity with terminology and methods such as:

  • Basic software development methodologies, such as WATER FALL and SPRIAL, up to the V-MODEL.

  • The AGILE family, including review of SCRUM, TDD, XP, LEAN DEVELOPMENT and RUP.

  • The ALM approach compared to the SDLC approach, including a review of the unique properties, advantages and disadvantages.

  • Standardization in the IT world, including the CMMI, COBIT, ITIL, "Nohal Mafteach" of Methoda, ISO FOR IT and the EA approach.

  • Explanation of object-oriented analysis approach, introduction to UML and BPMN, review of the major models for analyzing and designing a system, GANG OF FOUR, Design Patterns, Object Oriented, SOA.

  • Quality Management and Testing. What is quality management for Software & IT Projects? Reviewing the principles of quality management according to PMBOK® and through Software testing cycles. Teaching the meaning and principles of Bug classification and Defect management. Models for grade calculations of a software version (Release Grade), Gating and Exit criteria. Techniques for testing software: Static Testing, White box, Black box.

  • Preparation, submission and presentation of final project, in groups. The final project has to do with high level design of an information system and planning its deployment, along with relating to the scope of work, schedule, budget, human resource plan and more project management aspects.

 Target Audience
  • People who work in the software and IT fields (programmers, testers, IT professionals, data base professionals, PMOs in those areas, integrators, version or release managers, product managers etc.) who want to make a step towards to Managing Software & IT Projects.

  • Anyone who manages / wants to manage projects in the software and information system worlds or wants to improve his/her knowledge and project management capabilities, relating to those worlds.


Lead Lecturer: Mr. Dan Barzilay, PMP, ME, expert of project management, with experience of over 13 years in planning, controlling and delivery of projects in a variety of industries, including software projects and IT projects.

Expert lecturers: Two software experts, with project management experience in the software and IT worlds will join Dan. Both have a rich background in teaching IT related topics, as well as practical experience in systems analysis and design, development, deployment, quality management, testing, team management and software project management.

Study Materials

Each participant will receive a booklet of the course slides.

Course format

80 academic hours of studying and practicing, divided to frontal lessons (65 hours) and working on the final project (another 15 hours, at list).

The course includes analysis of case studies and examples from software and IS projects. The course takes place on Mondays and Thursdays between the hours of 17:30 to 21:30, 13 sessions, in Herziliya.

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For additional details and registration call +972-54-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


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