Organization and Methods

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P.M. Team engages in streamlining organizations, ranging from organizational diagnosis analysis to work processes, finding gaps points to improve work processes, writing work procedures and modeling. In summary: organization and methods.

We have extensive experience in writing, implementing, improving and maintaining of processes and procedures in a variety of industries, private as well as public sectors, dealing with:

  1. Experts commitments (edit engagement procedures from a tender process, management of change orders,determining level of authority, bills management, etc.)

  2. Processes for final delivery, contractor management, approval processes for accounts

  3. Transition of processes from development to production, for manufacturing companies

  4. Opening , closing and managing processes, for technical centers

  5. Planning, monitoring and approving processes for ongoing operations and projects

We supply a comprehensive solution which combines procedures, processes and tools.

Solutions may combine implementation of information systems and reporting services with customized, suitable methodologies, tailored to the needs of the organization.

In many cases we organize and streamline the work of the organization by creating and improving work processes, standardization, job analysis and role definitions (if required) and combining knowledge, experience and tools.


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