Developments, Dashboards and Reporting Services


P.M. Team designs and develops, according to customer need, add-ons to:

  • Known project management products
  • CRM systems
  • Operation systems
  • Hours recording systems
  • Other management products

We can develop a wide variety of Reporting Services and Management Services, based on SharePoint of other platforms, such as:

  • Project Management Portal based EPM and supporting processes from initiation to closing phases, including workflows, and adjustments to existing project management tools, with ability to insert and view data as well as issuing management reports, according to permission levels.
  • Risk Management – mapping, qualitative risks analysis and categorizing, grades, work with risk management matrix, monitoring and controlling risks.
  • Requirements Management – mapping, defining, categorizing, assigning, monitoring
  • Tasks Management – who's doing what and when, including alerting workflows and email notification.
  • Knowledge Management – storing, searching, classifying, professional material, dividing to organizational navigation tree
  • Summaries of meeting – summary, prioritizing, default categories.
  • Management of hour's reports and classifying them by tasks, ability to integrate between time clocks to management tools with hours reporting, according to tasks and projects.

For Example:

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