Projet Management with PRIMAVERA Course
for organizations (groups)
and for individuals (one on one training) 

קורס פרימוורה2

Project Management With Primavera Course

This primavera course combines methodological content (how to plan, monitor and manage a project), and technical content (how to do so with primavera). Project management with primavera course is delivered by experienced PMO’s and/or experienced project managers and combines theory and practice.
Our stadard project management with primavera course is 16 hours, usually 4 meetings of 4 hours each.

P.M.Team's project management with primavera course contains:
1. Technical introduction for aligning the level of knowledge among the participants:
    a. Opening a new file
    b. Adding activities
    c. Linking the activities (4 kinds of links and their meaning)
    d. Creating summary tasks/WBS

2. How to define a calendar?
3. Determination of constraints, the meaning of soft and hard constraints and when to use each one of them
4. Overview of the default views and their use
5. Critical path, what it is? and how to use it?, critical path oriented schedule management
6. Split screen, how to work with split screen?
7. Principles of planning a project plan and the implementation of them with primavera
8. Progress update principles and the implementation of them with primavera
9. What is “Data Date”? and how to use it?
10. Principles of project monitoring and the implementation of them with primavera
11. Saving a baseline, comparing against baseline: using graphs and existing control fields
12. What is float? how to use it for monitoring and controlling a project?
13. Import/Export between:
    a. Privavera 6 Cloud
    b. Primavera 6 Local
    c. Microsoft Project
    Which tests should be done after the above using XML and XER files?
14. Defining and using filters and sorters
15. Building views, arranging views
16. Managing resources and resource load
The aboe contents might change according the participants interest, rate of progress, the lecturer’s decisions and the participants needs

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