Tips for the PMP® exam


The Learning process

The following table displays a recommended program as part of the preparation to the test. This program is suitable for those who cannot take vacation requires 3-4 hours of training per day.


1 Project Phases
Solve 100 questions
Integration & Scope
Solve 50-100 questions
Time & Cost
Solve 50-100 questions
Quality & HR
Solve 50-100 questions
Full Simulation Test
2 Risk & Communication
Solve 50-100 questions
Take a time out or
Solve mini Quizzes
Procurement & Stakeholders
Solve 50-100 questions
Code of Ethics
Solve various questions
Full Simulation Test
3 Take the Test -
Good Luck!


 1. Learn by solving questions is better than reading the theoretical materials

2. At the end of each training session, it is important to find the questions where you were wrong, read and understand the correct answer, in order not to have the same mistake in a similar questions in the future – this is the way to get better!

3. Solve questions with a timer to simulate the pressure of time you have during the exam and check if you solve questions in a reasonable time.

4. Use the different files we provide at our course student page (user name and password are required) -


The Day of the PMP® exam

It is recommended not to take a simulation test a day before the exam in order to save your strengths and prevent a mental load.

Sleep well the night before the exam.

At the morning of the exam, eat well. If the exam is taking place during noon hours then don't eat close to the exam hour.

Remember – proper nutrition helps maintain concentration.

Arrive to the exam center before your scheduled time in order to find your class and also locate the closest toilets facilities. Remember – breaks during the exam is at your expense.


During the PMP® exam

1. Draw/write the matrix of the project processes and knowledge areas and the formulas on the papers/whiteboard you receive – do it before the exam starts, using the time you are given for checking the computer-human interface. Ask the supervisor in place 2 minutes for arrangements and then press the start button by yourself. It is important that you write down the data not on expense of the exam time. This data will help you in the advanced stages of the exam when your focus is not at the pick.

2. Read the last line first / the question itself first. Sometimes, only by this information you can know what the correct answer is (or at least what is not the correct answer).

3. Use the 'mark'/'flag' option for question you feel that are taking too much time to solve or that you are not sure of your answer and you would like to get back to those questions at the end of the time, assuming you got time left. Statistically, your first choice is the right answer (for example- if you used the elimination technique but weren't sure what to choose between the 2 final answers).

4. Don't fight the questions – if you could not solve it within a minute, mark the answer you think is most likely to be correct, flag it and move to the next one.

5. Notice the exam timer – check yourself every period of time and check if the quantity of answered questions is good. For example – after 1 hour, 50 questions needs to be already behind you. If you solved less - take a quick break, wash your face, eat something sweet and get back to the exam with energies and a faster pace.

6. Try to identify keywords / phrases that can give a clue to solve the question correctly or at least help you rule out 1-2 possible answers. The elimination method will help you to choose the right answer.


What to take with you to the PMP® Exam

  • You will need 2 of the following 3: ID, driver's license, passport
  • A long shirt in case it's cold at the exam center
  • Suggested food – dates, almonds, walnuts and chocolate (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)
  • A small bottle of water or a sweet cold strong coffee (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)
  • Toilet paper (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)


P.M. Team provides an Advanced project management and PMP® preparation course.

Students taking this course have access to free online simulation test (200 questions, 4 hours) as a practice for the exam, as well another simulation test (200 questions, 4 hours) which is taking place in class.

For additional details, please contact Sarit: +972-54-4551568, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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Course Recommendations

"Many courses and trainings I had in the past but this one was definitely one of the most professional, knowledgeable and fun that I had"

David Beck, PMP

Q Technologies

"A couple of months have passed and I have learned just how much practical information I gained from the course, including career lessons and experiences that were shared."

Jody Weiss Malca, PMP® certified

Redhillbio, Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"The course was excellent for preparing for the exam, I learned according to your recommendation- learned from P.M.Team’s  materials, as an addition to the PMBOK in English and lots of practice, also from your web site."


Noa Frid, PMP® certified

Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"I passed the exam today. I have no words to describe my gratitude to you!! You helped me a lot, and without you, I would not have taken the exam."

Ran Shvayzer, PMP® certified

Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"P.M.Team’s material is clear and organized in a way that allows in-depth study of the PMP certification exam"

Noah Horesh, PMP® certified

CIO, Palphot Group. Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"The course was very interesting and through it I learned a lot of theoretical material, which helped me a lot practically in my day to day work and gave me new tools in my work as project manager"

Tal Shoam, PMP® certified

Project Manager, Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"The (Advanced Project Management) course was very professional and thorough; no doubt it improved the knowledge and project management skills of the participants."

Gali Pahl

Head Of R&D, Rioglass Solar Systems LTD

"It was an intense experience which ended with not only a smile but also personal satisfaction - it was certainly worth the effort!"

Luna Avraham, PMP® certified

Project Manager, Bezeq. Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"The course was excellent - I found it to be practical as well as supplying an excellent preparation for the PMP certification exam."

Yoav Hirsch, PMP® certified

roject Manager, R&D Oridion Medical. Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"This course provides an excellent preparation to the exam. I found the course full with examples from the real projects world so we could make the connection between theory to reality."

Gilad Inbar, PMP® certified

Project Manager, Allot Communications

"I recommend everyone who work as a project manager to participate in the Advanced Project Management & PMP Preparation Course which is held in P.M Team Ltd."

Yuval Shoham

Project Manager

"I have taken the exam and passed!!! The exam was a quite hard. Thank you for the preparation course, it really helped. Also, tomorrow I'm starting a new job as a PMO."

Hadar Har-Gil, PMP® certified

I.D.I. Insurance Company Ltd.

"This is how to do a project management course in an interesting and interactive way. I would like to thank you for the successful way you managed the course. The course integrated many real life examples which allowed us to make the connection between theory and practice."

Zohar Eicholtz


"The course was interesting and fascinating, I learn a lot from you!!! The great benefit for me, beyond the methodology, is that you taught practical topics which I have already applied at work."

Shai Shvartzman, PMP® certified

PMO, Phoenix. Graduate of the Advanced Project Management & PMP® Preparation Course of P.M.Team Ltd.

"Now I have a new set of practical tools for planning and managing my project using MS-Project. I have the feeling that the skills I learned at this course are already helping me as a project controller."

Or Haim

Projects Monitor and Control Manager, Israel Roads. Graduate of the MS-Project course

"Thank you for the quality and the professionalism while passing the training. Today I feel the added value and the professionalism I gained at your course which taught me how easily I can use the technology to simplify complex project management processes"

Awwad Muhammad

Project Manager, StoreNext [MS-Project training]

"Our satisfaction from this course is very high. We can already see a good change in the way projects are managed in the company"

Avi Buskila,PMP

Director at Mobileye. Participated in our PMP® preparation course

"Graduates say they feel they received an efficient toolbox and began to implement it in their day to day professional lives, even during the courses."

Hila Gidoni

Director of Training, Mifgasheem College, Coca Cola Group

"During the course I already started to implement the techniques and noticed the added values they had on my daily project management course."

Aviram Shaham

PM at Strauss Group

"I recommend the PMP preparation marathon course test you delivered us, in our company. The study and practice materials were of excellent quality and PMP focused, despite the large quantity."

Itamar Cohen

R&D Project Manager, McKesson Technology Solutions

"I really enjoyed the project management course, the contents, the seriousness, your professionalism and your team’s professionalismץ It changed my perception and approach to project management."

Nissim Haim

Project Manager, Israel Electric Company

"The PMP® preparation course of P.M. TEAM Ltd. does not only prepare the participants to the PMP® exam but also improves the project management skills and know-how of the participants in their everyday project management tasks."

Hanit Berko-Hadomi


"The Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course topics were designed not only in a very smart way but also interesting – you will gain practical knowledge and be able to connect theory to reality."

Yahav Yaler

Marketing Manager

"The course was constructed in the most comprehensive and detailed way, including the course materials and it was passed in a clear, methodological and practical method."

Nir Doron

Projects and Marketing Manager at topXite

"The course combined important generic contents with contents that are specific to the software and IT worlds. We feel a tremendous improvement in the way we manage projects at work."

Idit Prital

Head of Operations, EMEA, Trax

"I'm a project manager with over a decade of experience but still I learned a lot from your course. Highly recommended"

Sharon Lahav

Professional Services Manager, Tadiran Telecom


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