PMP Preparation Course

  • Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course

    Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course

    הכנה למבחן ההסמכה-® PMP

    Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course

    P.M. Team Ltd offers an Advanced Project Management and PMP® preparation course which teaches a variety of tools and techniques, in all the required knowledge areas, for improving the participant's project management knowledge and skills as well as preparing for the prestigious and international PMP® (Project Management Professional) exam of the PMI® (Project Management Institute).

    The course includes
    • Teaching particle, day to day, project management knowledge and skills, according to the PMBOK® guide, throughout all required knowledge areas:
      • Integration management
      • Scope management
      • Time management
      • Cost management
      • Quality management
      • Human resources management
      • Communication management
      • Risk management
      • Procurement management
      • Stakeholder management
    • Preparation for the PMP® exam, through incorporating practice questions in class, homework and a simulation test at the last session (200 questions, 4 hours).
    • Computerized + timed practice exams (with solutions), like the real thing.
    • Teaching and practicing project management with MS-PROJECT software. This includes preparing and presenting a detailed project management plan.
    • Case studies and examples from "real" projects in a variety of industries: Software development, Information technologies, Construction, Infrastructure and Semiconductors.
    • Guest lecture, improving project management skills.
    Target audience

    Managers, project managers, PMOs and to whoever is required to lead tasks within projects or wishes to improve his/hers project management knowledge and skills.

    Acceptance terms and conditions
    • Good English, as all the course slides and materials are in English.
    • A four-year degree (bachelor's or the global equivalent) and at least three years of project management experience, with 4,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education (our Advanced Project Management and PMP® preparation course complies for that).


    • A secondary diploma (high school or the global equivalent) with at least five years of project management experience, with 7,500 hours leading and directing projects and 35 hours of project management education (our Advanced Project Management and PMP® preparation course complies for that).
    Course format

    110 academic hours, divided to frontal hours through 11 Fridays, 08:00-14:00 and assignment hours (final project and home work).

    Training kit

    Each and every participant receives the following training kit:

    1. Slides notebook (over 800 slides).

    2. Practice questions notebook (hundreds of solved questions, PMP® style).

    3. Simulation test (200 questions).

    4. Solved simulation test (the 200 solved questions).

    5. Summary pages and formulas notebook.

    6. PMI ® code of ethics.

    7. PMP ® exam content outline.

    Each and every student also gets a link,user and password to our training website, for further studying materials: YouTube tutorials, summations, articles, and computerized + timed practice exams (with solutions) like the real thing, in order to prepare for the PMP® exam.web based simulation tests, containing thousands of solved questions, in order to prepare for the PMP® exam.

    Case studies and examples from "real" projects in a variety of industries: Software development, Information technologies, Construction, Infrastructure and Semiconductors


    Bait Hail Havier training cener, 15 Zabutensky Street, Herzelia, 1st floor. 1 KM from the train station, 2 blocks from Herzielia 7 stars parking.

    The Project Management Salary Survey—9th Edition published by the PMI® shows that a PMP® certification increases your earning potential by about 17% relating to your non-certified colleagues.

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  • CEO - Dan Barzilay

    CEO - Dan Barzilay

    דן ברזילי, מנכ"ל

    Dan Barzilay, PMP –CEO and founder of P.M. Team Ltd, project management expert. Experience of more than 20 years as manager, integrator and PMO of complex projects and programs, as well as consulting for process and system improvements. Certified as PMP®- the Project Management Professional prestigious international certification of the PMI®. BSc and MEng (Master of Engineering) degrees from the Technion, the faculty of industrial engineering.

    Experience in leading and supporting projects in a variety of areas:

    IT and sotware projects- migration of information systems, development & implementation of systems, Dan has consulted and led projects for IDF (Tikshuv department), the IT departments of Numonyx, Micron Semiconductors, Bank Leumi, EDS, Matrix, Phoenix and more.

     Factory buildups and tool install projects for the Semiconductors industry, in Israel and abroad, Dan has consulted and led projects and PMO teams for Tower Semiconductors and Intel.

    Construction and infrastructure projects, relating to factories, power plants and private buildings. Dan has consulted and led projects for Elmor, Inter-Electric, Shuv Eli Engineering, Chemo-Aharon, Intel , Machluf Bechor, Hamailch Albert, Construction and infrastructure department of Kibuts Revivim and more.

    Pharmaceuticals – EPM systems implementations, tailor made to the customer needs, for Johnson and Johnson for example, as well as project management trainings and managerial trainings for Teva, BTG, Omrix, Neopharm and more.

    Expert of building and managing PMO(Project management Office) teams, done for a variety of projects and organizations .

    Experience as a lecturer and manager of workshops and project management programs, PMP® preparation courses for a variety of organizations and colleges, such as P.M. Team Ltd public and private courses, the Technion (The prestigious Israel Institute of Technolog), Ruppin Academic Center, Netivay Israel, John Bryce and more.

    Dan volunteered for 6 years (2 terms) for the Israeli chapter of the PMI®, as vice president, for developing the project management field of expertize, in Israel.

    Dan has a lot of project management and program management experience in a multi project environment\ program environment, which brings added value to P.M. Team's staff and P.M. Team's consulting and training activities, including:

    • Scope management and scope change control
    • Schedule planning and tracking
    • Integration management
    • Risk mapping, analysis and management
    • Procurement management and support
    • Project team & PMO (Project Management Office) team build up and management,
    • according to project needs
    • Analysis and improvement of organizational processes in general and organizational project management processes in particular

    For additional details call +972-54-4551568 (Sarit) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!

  • CourseRecommendEng

    Course Recommendations


    "I want to thank you for the most professional course, which provided a lot of knowledge and tools to cope with and organize the experience and knowledge I had in project management, all while seeing all the processes connecting online.
    The course is focused on all project management processes and is delivered in a highly professional and easygoing manner.
    Dan, I want to personally thank you for your guidance and support throughout the course and afterwards with responses to every question, especially now that I have passed the PMP certification exam on my first attempt."

    Gidi Aviv, PMP, Graduate of advanced project management and PMP preparation course


    Many thanks Dan,

    It was a pleasure having the course with you.
    You are a true professional and it’s clear that you master the very details of the material. Kudos for that!
    The course was very interesting and insightful.
    I know it wasn’t always easy with us running off for customer calls and escalations but all in all, we managed to do it together.

    And yes, we (at least I), need to learn and practice a lot. I am still behind on the material (but keep it between us ?)

    Oren Salomon, Director of Operation Services, EMEA

    Trax Retail.

    "The course was 1st class thorough and extremely educational
    For me personally, the course was the catalyst for me to purse my own PMP certification which I obtained a short while after learning with Dan and Team"

    Darren Pick, PMP, Project Manager
    Cronos Group


    "Many courses and trainings I had in the past but this one was definitely one of the most professional, knowledgeable and fun that I had" David Beck, PMP , Client Executive, Q Technologies outlook
    "I would like to thank you guys, P.M.Team Ltd., for a great Software and IT Project Management Course! … the course combined important generic contents, such as project scope, schedule, budget and risks management with contents that are specific to the software and IT worlds… We feel a tremendous improvement in the way we manage projects at work" Idit Prital, head of operations, EMEA, Trax outlook
    "I would like to extend a big thanks to Dan, Oren and the rest of the P.M. Team for the Project Management course; a couple of months have passed and I have learned just how much practical information I gained from the course, including career lessons and experiences that were shared.  The intensive lectures and assignments were structured in a methodical and efficient way. I feel that the supportive and patient atmosphere set in the classes also added value by helping to thoroughly absorb all of the course material. I would happily be a reference to anyone considering to take the Project Management course." Jody Weiss Malca, PMP, Redhillbio outlook
    "I did an advanced project management and PMP preparation course with you at the college in Tzrifin about a year ago. A few days ago I took and passed the PMP qualification exam! I wanted to let you know that the course was excellent for preparing for the exam, I learned according to your recommendation- learned from P.M.Team’s materials, as an addition to the PMBOK in English and lots of practice, also from your web site. You should know that I recommended a lot of my colleagues to take your course, it’s also an important, fundamental and necessary project management training in my opinion." Noa Frid, PMP outlook
    "I have no words to describe my gratitude to you!! You helped me a lot, and without you, I would not have taken the exam. You believed in me! You supported me! You guided me and did not let me give up even when I thought about it! The test was not simple at all, but with the tools you gave me I passed it successfully today!! This qualification was a dream that seemed very far away and impossible, you made it reachable and very possible!! P.M.TEAM and especially Dan Barzilay and Oren Steinberg- you made my dream come true!" Ran Shvayzer, PMP outlook
    "I wanted to say thank you for an interesting course, which opened my horizons.
    The examples from your projects helped immensely to understand the material!
    In addition, P.M.Team’s material is clear and organized in a way that allows in-depth study of the PMP certification exam.The accumulated knowledge, which I gained, helps me to manage my projects better.Thank you"
    Noa Horesh, CIO, Palphot outlook
    "I was very impressed by the amount of ready-made material you brought us… you presented us examples of real life projects you worked on…You delivered the entire marathon course in good spirits and it was very enjoyable!" Itamar Cohen, R&R Project Manager, McKesson outlook
    "Dan and PM TEAM staff of champions, I would like to thank you for the super-professional PMP course I took [...] Dan is a real professional, perfectionist, devoted and caring, conveying the material clearly and interestingly [...] The course was very interesting and through it I learned a lot of theoretical material, which helped me a lot practically in my day to day work and gave me new tools in my work as project manager [...] I highly recommend this course which ensures getting theoretical and practical tools and in addition prepares you perfectly for the PMP certification exam." Tal Shoham, PMP outlook
    "I would like to thank you on behalf of Rioglass Solar Systems Ltd for two successful cycles of a project management course that took place here between October 2016 and January 2017. The course was build according the PMBOK principles and was adapted to the company's needs as well as the needs of the teams who participated in the course. The course was very professional and thorough; ther is no doubt that it improved the knowledge and project management skills of the participants. We enjoyed working with you, the cooperation was fruitful and we wish you and your company much success and prosperity in the future." Gali Pahl, Head of R&D, Rioglass outlook
    "I really enjoyed the project management course, the contents, the seriousness, your professionalism and your team’s professionalism, it changed my perception and approach to project management." Nissim Haim, Project Manager, IEC outlook
    "I really enjoyed the lessons, the discussions, Dan taught in a very dynamic way, well supported by practical examples, which is a very important element in the learning process. The rest of the teaching staff also did an excellent job, Dan and his team are very dedicated and they succeed in delivering their knowledge in a very interesting way." Adriana Roitman, PMP outlook
    "All the courses were highly professional, the lecturer’s ways of teaching was very knowledgeable, pleasant, interesting, they provided examples from projects and from their management experience in general" Hila Gidoni , Director of Training, Mifgasheem College, CocaCola outlook
    "Thank you Dan for the great lecture you gave yesterday and Thank you Yaniv for your great efforts in making the PM Collaborative learning group alive & kicking " Yaniv Levi Tzedek, Program Manager, Amdocs outlook
    "I wish to thank you for the professional, enriching, rewarding and pleasant experience...I received a professional tool kit, as well as many relevant examples for the "real world" of projects managers...Dan's vast experience along with his team’s, their attention to details and their professional guidance, turned the course from a PMP® preparation course to an important step" Uri Marom, Sr. project Manager, Matrix outlook
    "Dan's and P.M. Team’s Project Management Course has exceeded my expectations. The course was led by Dan and other lectures, all experts, in a fluent and interesting way, while integrating day to day examples and demonstrating real situations, so the learning experience was fascinating and very effective" Ronen Avez, PMP outlook
    "To Dan and his P.M.Team staff of professionals, Thank you for guidance in the process from the beginning of the course till receiving the PMP certification. You have taught the course in the most fascinating and professional way, enriched us with examples from daily life and taught us to listen and learn from each other's experience and especially we have learned from your rich experience. It was an intense experience which ended with not only a smile but also personal satisfaction - it was certainly worth the effort ! To anybody interested in starting the process – the course is comprehensive and provides all the required knowledge for working as a project manager. Highly recommend - you will be in good hands." Luna Avraham, Business Customer Division, Bezeq outlook
    "The course was a big success for us. I feel the team has learned a lot...I strongly recommend the PM team PMP course to any organization as a way to take the next step and become better at project management on all levels" Yotam Lahav, Sr. Director, Mellanox outlook
    "The course was very productive and beyond a great preparation to the exam it provided me with practical tools to handle the ongoing work" Omer Gazit, PMP, Mellanox outlook
    "I wish to convey my gratitude and deep appreciation to the project management and PMP preparation course that P.M.Team delivered us, Covidien of Medtronic group. The course was excellent- I found it to be practical as well as supplying an excellent preparation for the PMP certification exam." Yoav Hirsch, Project Manager, Medtronic outlook
    "I want to thank you and your staff for the excellent course; it was a very high quality course. I learned a lot, practically, through the final project we prepared and presented, the MS PROJECT lessons were also very professional and helpful" Arie Bachman, PMP outlook
    "Hi Dan, I passed the PMP exam this week!
    This course provides an excellent preparation to the exam, and more than that – I found the course full with examples from the real projects world so we could make the connection between theory to reality. As a junior project manager, I now have more methods and tools which were added to my tool box, that I can use day by day."
    Gilad Inbar, Project Manager, Allot Communications outlook
    "I recommend everyone who work as a project manager to participate in the Advanced Project Management & PMP Preparation Course which held in P.M Team Ltd" Yuval Shoham, Project Manager outlook
    "This is how to do a project management course in an interesting and interactive way. I would like to thank you for the successful way you managed the course. The course integrated many real life examples which allowed us to make the connection between theory and practice. The course helped and enabled me to lead projects in a more defined and structured way." Zohar Eicholtz, Teva Pharm outlook
    "The course was very interesting and realistic with professional and practical references. The course provided me professional tools which assist in the planning and implementation of correct and productive workflows. The course also taught many useful methods and project management models with personal treatment for each and every one of the students" Dennis Riftin, COO, PINK PARK outlook
    "The course was delivered in very high standards and your real experience plus knowledge sharing made this course very interesting. I would also like to thank Yaniv Levi Tzedek for the MS-Project training and in particularly for the advanced control functions. Special thanks for your personal, warm and caring attitude" Sammy Cohen, Consultant & Project Manager outlook
    "The course was carried out in a very professional, interesting and fascinating way by expert lecturers, combining endless examples from real projects while supplying tools and techniques that can be in use immediately" Adi Peles, Project Manager, Wisconsin IceCube outlook
    "I wanted to let you know that I have taken the exam and passed!!! The exam was a quiet hard. Thank you for the preparation course, it really helped. Also, tomorrow I'm starting a new job as a PMO." Hadar Har-Gil, IDI outlook
    "To P.M. Team staff, Dan Barzilay, Oren Shteinberg and Oren Zohar – I would like to thank you for the Advanced Methods for Managing Software & IT Projects Course which I participated in and that was transferred in a professional, interesting and efficient way...I was impressed from the vast knowledge, the practical experience, the way you go down to the level of details as well the pleasant atmosphere all along the course" Oren Gafni, Co-founder & CTO, Auto3P outlook
    "The course was interesting and fascinating, I learn a lot from you!!! You are a gifted lecturer - investing, diligent, attentive and answered every question. The great benefit for me, beyond the methodology, is that you taught practical topics which I have already applied at work." Shay Shvartzman, PMO, Phoenix outlook
    "I would like to thank you for MS-Project course, including principles of planning and controlling of projects.Now I have a new set of practical tools for planning and managing my project using MS-Project.I have the feeling that the skills I learned at this course are already helping me as a project controller." Or Haim, Projects control & monitor manager, Israel Roads outlook
    "Recently I went through MS-Project training with Dan Barzilay, the CEO of P.M. Team. The training was clear and focused...Dan reassured me and explained the subject in a clear and easy to understand way and indeed I managed perform the formulas exercises by myself" Amir Ben Maman, Monitoring & Control Deputy, Israel Roads outlook
    "Within my position at StoreNext, I was sent to MS-Project training at your company. I could not but thank you for the quality and the professionalism while passing the training. Today I feel the added value and the professionalism I gained at your course which taught me how easily I can use the technology to simplify complex project management processes" Awwad Muhammad, Project Manager, StoreNext outlook
    "The course is very structured, interesting and comprehensive. The knowledge I gained during this course is very useful and added new tools & techniques to my project management tool box. Dan is a gifted experienced lecturer. During the course, each and every theoretical subject was followed by real life examples, which greatly facilitated the understanding and enriched the learning" Ela Morland Irmiyahu, Project Manager, SQLINK outlook
    "The course’s PMP exam preparation was excellent and efficient, when I took the exam, I felt prepared and focused and passed successfully the PMP exam" Ran Littaney, Quality & processes advisor outlook
    "The course was organized carefully and in an easy way to study and read...The lessons contained many interesting examples from your vast experience...All along the course you demonstrated deep and wonderful proficiency of methodology, the tools and the techniques...Your enthusiasm never stopped. Your sense of humor and energies made those encounters to an experience by itself beyond the learning" Avri Glik, PMP outlook
    "I would like to thank you for the Advanced Project Management and PMP Preparation course which I participated in during March to May 2013. The integration between the theory and the practice, including live examples from real projects and MS-project training is a winning combination" Uri Winkler, Project Manager outlook
    "Yaniv was methodical, clear, knowledgable and patient… I especially appreciated the way he was able to decipher our needs and to focus on them…" Anat Fussman, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Omrix outlook
    "I'm a project manager with over a decade of experience but still I learned a lot from your course. I would like specifically to point out the simulation test you gave us – It was a very good simulation to the real test. Highly recommended" Sharon Lahav, ININ Professional Services Project Manager, Tadiran Telecom outlook
    "The Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course topics were designed not only in a very smart way but also interesting – you will not learn only regarding do & don't rules – you will gain practical knowledge and be able to connect theory to reality. I perfected my knowledge of project management, broaden my horizons and entered into a new position..." Yahav Yaler, Marketing Manager outlook
    "Dan taught all of the knowledge areas thoroughly using excellent teaching aids and his own project management experience. This course contributed to my self-development as a project manager and taught me how to maximize my resources, in an effective manner. Dan was willing to answer any question and gave a professional reply to any need, even outside of the course hours" Adi Izhar, PMP, Quest Software outlook
    "The course was structured in a clear, coherent way, an advantage which is not taken for granted...The added value I have gained and added to my tool box was the constant need to identify situations like that in life and strive for excellence!" Niv Ben Dor, PMP, _NivBenDor outlook
    "The course offers wide variety of practical and in depth tools and techniques which are useful even for software development experts. Mr. Barzilay and the rest of the crew are very knowledgeable on the subject and are willing to expend the scope as requested. The study material accompanying the course is of high standard, clear, informative and includes real life examples." Uri Yakovi, Project Manager, Mobileye outlook
    "The course had a lot of added value and your professionalism, training technique and training materials (practice question notebook, simulations, and such) combined with your experience plus tips and tricks for the exam, made a big difference for me" Avitan Itzik, PMP outlook
    "I would like to warmly recommend of a high quality and most professional course which I recently took at P.M. TEAM LTD. The course was constructed in the most comprehensive and detailed way, including the course materials and it was passed in a clear, methodological and practical method." Nir Doron, Project Manager, topXite outlook
    "Anat Avidan, Manager of organizational development & training, Israel Roads" Anat Avidan, Manager of organizational development & training, Israel Roads outlook
    "The course itself was enriching and fun, it taught me all the tools for successful project management and prepared me to the PMI test, in the best way possible." Ido Libstein, PMP outlook
    "No doubt that Dan is a great lecturer and the great course value is Dan's field experience. He has the ability to easily explain complex concepts with simple words. Well known project manager, he is extremely knowledgeable and full of creativity. Always ready to help and advise, never saw him without a smile. I therefore strongly recommend Dan's lectures and courses." David Broda, IT Infrastructure Manager outlook
    "The course was very professional, down-to-business and comprehensive, regarding the methodological as well as the practical level. The training kit (written materials) we have received were detailed, helpful and clear. The course was taught by a group of experts, each lecturer was an expert in his own filed, with a lot of “real”, day to day, experience in the relevant topic" Bracha Nachmias, PMP outlook
    "This course was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with new, advanced PM techniques and methodologies that I would probably not encounter during my working routine. All in all, a great course: great content, excellent instructors and great value for everyone who takes it." Daphi Gonen, PMP outlook
    "During the course Dan is reviewing all the relevant topics and beyond… The teaching adis provided at the course are very extensive and organized very methodically…" Yaniv Levi Tzedek, PMP outlook
    "I would like to recommend the Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course...The course teaches all of the knowledge areas and processes required...The materials were presented in the class room using good and clear summation slides...I chose to take P.M. Team’s Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Course after an extensive market survey, through which I examined similar courses in three different establishments. My impression is that the P.M. Team course is the most extensive and will provide the knowledge that is required from a project manager" Uri Hoter-Ishay, Project Manager, ICT Industry outlook
    "The course is thorough, comprehensive and highly professional. The course's books, exercises and simulation test (all provided) are excellent and contribute greatly, help study תinternalize and prepare for the PMI's certification exam" Gilad Schlosberg, PMP outlook
    "The simultaneous usage of terminology in both English and Hebrew was very helpful to me as I am adjusting to professional life in Israel. I believe that the Israeli students benefited as well as this is an international profession with English as the common denominator...Utilizing real life examples is a powerful tool to demonstrate how the theory and methodology converge and materialize in reality and help clarify distinctions. Of course, one can not forget that a good sense of humor makes the process more enjoyable and less stressful" Daphna Rashman, Project Manager outlook
    "All the course topics were delivered through focused and well written slides...As a professional trainer, who trains and teaches customers abroad I can only recommend Dan’s ability to explain complex issues and complex methodologies in a very interesting, clear and practical way, which keeps the students attentive, throughout the lectures" Reuven Baskenzi, Presale Engineer & Project Manager, Airspan outlook
    "The course was tailor made to our needs...Dan Barzilay (leading the course with project management methodologies and know how) and Eyal Davidson (coacher, soft skills expert and organizational consultant) managed to combine examples from their own managerial experience with excellent lecturing skills, keeping the participants attentive throughout the course" Idan Tapiro, Training Manager, CocaCola outlook
    "I can safely say that our satisfaction from this course is very high. A very good point was Dan's ability to connect the studied material to examples from the real world from his rich experience. We can already see a good change in the way projects are managed in the company, and we gratefully credit this to Dan and P.M. TEAM LTD." Avi Buskila, Director, Mobileye outlook
    "I would like to recommend the PMP® preparation course of P.M. TEAM Ltd. The course does not only prepare the participants to the PMP® exam but also improves the project management skills and know-how of the participants in their everyday project management tasks." Hanit Berko-Hadomi, Sr. HR Generalist, RSA Secutiry outlook
    "What I most admire about Mr Barzilay is his remarkable ability to stimulate students and add personality to the course material. Students can feel the energy and optimism radiate from his teaching...Mr. Barzilay does not only teach exceptionally well but he also cares a lot about the level of understanding of each student" Nir Ben Porat, Project Manager outlook
    "I wish to recommend Mr. Dan Barzilay from P.M. Team Ltd for an excellent Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation course...Dan is an excellent teacher and trainer, with a lot of project management experience. Dan has the rare ability which usually reserved only to the top teachers and that is the ability to deliver a course loaded with methodologies, tools, techniques and “high end” materials in a light and fun way" Ron Ben Yosef, Project Manager, Easy-Forex outlook
    "I was deeply impressed from Dan's ability to deliver "hard core" dry project management materials with humor, patience, case studies from his own experience and MS-Project exercises. During the course I already started to implement the techniques and noticed the added values they had on my daily project management course." Aviran Shaham, Project Manager, Strauss outlook
    "The course integrated the "What": methodologies of managing projects with the "How": technical knowhow for planning and tracking projects with MS-Project, including best practices. I would like to note that the results of this course are already visible in the day to day work of project managers and the team leaders."" Avi Bachar, PMO, YIT outlook
    "Thanks to the extensive industry experience, extraordinary personality and fantastic teaching style of Dan Barzilay, the course greatly surpassed my expectations." Elyahu Ravuna, B.Sc., MBA outlook
    "Dan is a dedicated individual that consistency goes above and beyond to teach, explain & assist his students. Dan is very adept at leading courses, he brings with him a lot of experience from several industry fields; he shares his project management experience and explains in details how to carry out each methodology in the “Real life”." Gil Nakash, Project Manager, Nice outlook
    "Dan has managed to deliver all the course subjects in a very organized, clear and concise way while facing the challenge of large scale knowledge areas and limited time...the course was very pleasant and relaxed thanks to Dan’s enormous patience and personal attitude to each participant" Oren Sharon, PMP outlook
    "First, hats off to you for being able to once again gather a group of super talented professionals, surround them with the most advanced content available, taught by excellent instructors. Speaking on my behalf, this course was a great opportunity for me to get acquainted with new, advanced PM techniques and methodologies that I would probably not encounter during my working routine" Daphi Gonen, Project Manager, GIZMOX outlook
    "I wish to express my utmost satisfaction and recommend P.M. TEAM Ltd, who delivered a series of project management with MS-Project course for Siemens Concentrated Solar Power Ltd. The mix of MS-Project with project planning and tracking methodologies for projects resulted in an interesting, high value and enriching courses." Galit Oded, HR, Siemens outlook
    "Through the Project Management course I have studies and acquired tools and techniques in various project management knowledge areas, which I already implemented in my day to day working life." Ronen Dorf, Logistics Manager, Amdocs outlook
    "The services were characterized with professionalism, nuch experience and a lot of dedication while supplying planning and tracking services…" Vadim Beigel, Engineer, Planning & Control, Siemens outlook
    "Dan has taught the Software Development Project Management course in a highly professional, cooperative and practical manner, which I found very constructive…" Oren Steinberg, IT Project Manager, Bank Hapoalim outlook
    "This advanced project management course is highly practical, focuses on important issues and topics in the project management world, along with case studies and practical tools and techniques...Dan conducts this high standard course using his vast professional knowledge and a lot of experience. I was personally impressed by Dan’s brilliance, order, high interpersonal skills and pleasant demeanor" Oren Jokel, Project Manager, Nice outlook
    "Dan impressed me as a highly professional lecturer, who successfully combined the PMI® methodologies with his own vast project management experience, in general, and his technological projects management experience in particular" Oren Cohen, NPI & configuration manager, Radvision outlook
    "Dan is an excellent teacher and lecturer, who successfully combined theoretical and methodological studies with practical tools and techniques, examples from projects he managed, case study analysis, MS-Project lessons, and not less important – a pleasant and supportive atmosphere" Dan Fis, Project Manager, Alvarion outlook
    "Dan's ability ao manage professional and high quality sessions of frontal teaching in class, while humorosely seasoning it with relevant stories and examples from his long experience is admirable! It is obvious that Dan teaches "with the heart", along with being very professional, the course has contributed me a great deal!" Rama Amir, YUI Designer, WinasUGo outlook
    "I was deeply impressed from Dan’s professionalism and experience. Dan successfully combined between methodologies and techniques on one hand and his personal experience in management of IT projects and software development projects on the other hand" Ori Mortenfeld, System Analyst, Bank Leumi outlook
    "Apart from his vast knowledge and his unique training capabilities, Dan has actual experience in project management, thus he seasons his lectures with examples from the industrial world and his own rich experience...rt was obvious that the student success is his primary goal and that there was true commitment from Dan's side to the leaminQ process." Alfandari Kfir, MIS, Nisco Ardan outlook
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    P.M. Team Ltd offers a wide array of Project Management Courses, based on the PMBOK® guidelines, including basic and advanced project management courses, PMP® preparation courses for passing the Project Management Professional exam of the PMI® organization, trainings for managing projects with MS PROJECT, CLARIZEN, PRIMAVERA and more.

    Our courses are offered as one on one trainings, private courses for organizations, after customizing them according to the customer's needs, or through registering to our public courses.

    We also offer a wide array of Soft Skills Workshops and Managerial Courses, such as managers development course, team development course (Including ODT days), negotiation skills, skills for managing a team within a matrix type organization, managing and motivating workers workshop, planning and conducting interviews workshop, recruitment management workshop, qualifying HR managers, a workshop for meetings management and presentation skills, communication management workshop, personal time management including multi-tasking, coping with stress and exhaustion workshop, and more.


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    clalit logo english P.M Team providing PMO services to Clalit Healthcare Services. The work includes technical and methodological training and project planning using MS Project Server, including design and development of a new management dashboard to provide control on the projects portfolio
    omrix logo P.M. Team is providing consulting and project management services which includes Ms Project Server training and support, project planning and control, including development of reporting services and desing and development based on SharePoint
    Chemo Logo P.M. Team Ltd successfully supported Chemo-Aharon Ltd, by providing projects planning and control services, in the executing of the power plant establishment mega project at Tel-Tzafit and at Ashdod PRMS station. Our support included planning and control of scopes of work, work plans, planning schedule and needed men power for an efficient and professional management of the projects
    siemens P.M. Team Ltd successfully built an EPM (Enterprise Project Management) array, including design and development of automated reporting services, per customer requirements, based on the project server data, for Siemens CSP.
    P.M. Team Ltd continued with PMO services, planning and tracking the scope of work, schedules and resources for infrastructure projects in Spain, using MS Project, Primavera and other tools for infrastructure projects in Spain
    micron P.M. Team Ltd has, successfully, managed IT projects for the IT Corporate Services department of Micron Semiconductors Israel Ltd, as well as delivering PMP® trainings to managers from the engineering, production, processes and IT departments.
    elmorlogo inter heb P.M. Team Ltd successfully built and operated a PMO system for projects of building a dining room and new offices for FAB 28 of Intel, in the service of El-Mor and Inter-Electric. The work included planning and tracking the scope of work, schedules, action items, integration and coordination, checking the progress on the field versus the plans, bills of materials, drawings, while issuing status reports, raising red flags prior to the problems, leading managerial meetings and more.
    logohafenix P.M. Team LtdP.M. Team Ltd is consulting the PMO team of the IT department of the Phoenix insurance company, for managing software development projects, the work involves methodological and technical aspects. P.M. Team Ltd also designed, developed and implemented share point components as project management tools, to assist the project managers and the PMO team. P.M. Team Ltd upgraded the Phoenix 's project server system from 2007 to the 2010 version.
    header misrad habitahon P.M. Team Ltd won and executed successfully a bid for setting up and operating a PMO system for IDF, Israel Defense Forces, in order to plan and track the scope of work, schedules, human resource plan for all the stages of designing, developing, testing, integrating and implementing a SAP based ERP system for the ground forces headquarters. The ERP system was designed and developed to facilitate the planning and management of the ground forces activities, in aspects of schedule, budgets, reports and so on. P.M. Team Ltd work included planning, data collection, integration between information systems, status and progress reports and essentially being part of the project management team.
     Enviorment P.M. Team Ltd delivered 2 project management courses, a basic course and a continuous, advanced project management course for project managers of the Ministry of the Environment (Israel), combining PMBOK® based methodologies and technical tools.
    nativeyisrael The experienced lecturers of P.M. Team Ltd delivers an array of managerial, project management, soft skills (such as conflict management, negotiation, communication) courses to Nativey Israel, the national company for transportation infrastructure
    AFCON logo P.M. Team Ltd provides PMO services to various Construction and Infrastructure of AFCON Control and Automation Ltd.Our services to AFCON are taking place in multiple sites across the country and include planning and controlling of projects scope, schedule management, budget and risks management
    Koor Metals-LOGO-ENG P.M. Team supported Koor Metals and provided PMO services, including forecasts and men-load planning in various projects such as: Gilboa Power Station, Gas project in Ashdod, Igudan (Shafdan) and more
  • management team

    Management Team

    Dan Barzilay, PMP – CEO & Founder

    Dan Barzilay, PMP – CEO & Founder

    Is an expert in project management and has vast experience in consulting to many organizations, established the company in 2009. Has over than 15 years of experience in project management and project management consulting for different companies.

    Experienced in leading complex projects, programs and portfolios, managed and supported multidisciplinary projects, in several industries, such as: Information Technology, Software ,Construction and Infrastructure, Machinery and Semi-Conductors.

    Dan is an expert in establishing, training and managing PMO teams as well as implementing project management information systems.

    Dan also worked and works also as a lecturer and an academic director of workshops and project management programs for P.M. Team's public and private courses as well as for several training programs for organizations and institutes such as the Technion (The prestigious Israel Institute of Technolog), Ruppin Academic Center, Netivay Israel, John Bryce and more.

    Dan holds B.Sc and M.E (Master of Engineering) degrees from the Technion, the faculty of Industrial Engineering and is PMP® certified.

    Dan volunteered for 2 terms (6 years) for PMI® Israel, as vice president, devoting his time and efforts to develop the project management field of expertize, in Israel.


    Oren Steinberg, PMP – Senior Project Manager, Consultant & PMO

    Oren has an experience of over 12 years in leading complex projects relating to the digital and information systems worlds.
    Experience in leading and setting up work processes and implementing enterprise project management methodologies.
    Has experience leading RFI & RFP processes for Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solutions.
    Proficient and experienced in applying the PMBOK® Methodologies, of the PMI®, for organizations and leading project management support.  

    Oren also teaches advanced project management topics at P.M.Team's Advanced Project Management and PMP® Preparation Courses.
    Oren is a board member of PMI® Israel chapter, as VP Marketing.
    Oren Holds B.A in computer science and M.S.M (Master Of Science Management)  in business administration and information systems.
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Eli Nakdimon, PMP – Senior Project Manager, Consultant & PMO

    Eli has an experience of over 15 years in software development, database management, development team management, leading complex tecnological and software projects over all their aspects, from initiation through development to delivery.


    Eli Holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. in computer science from the Hebrew University and MBA in business administration friom Bar Ilan University
    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

     Michal Keren – Training Manager

     Michal Keren – Training Manager

    Michal has extensive experience in managing technological projects, from the stages of requirements gathering, through development and testing, to deployment and maintenance, including hands on experience in defining software requirements and programming.

    Michal manages the training department, which includes public courses, as well as "per needs" tailor made, private courses, for P.M. Team Ltd customers.

    Responsible for student relations, relating to various courses, as well as coordination all training activities with the customers firms.

    Holds a B.Sc of Industrial Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, with specialization in information systems.

    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • PMP® Preparation Course

    PMP® Preparation Course

    קורס הכנה למבחן הסמכת ה® PMP

    P.M. Team Ltd offers a 48 academic hours PMP® preparation course which teaches a variety of tools and techniques, in all the required knowledge areas, for passing the prestigious and international PMP® (Project Management Professional) exam of the PMI® (Project Management Institute).

    In this course you study how to successfully manage project and learn project management skills and techniques, relating to the knowledge areas, as mapped in the PMBOK® guide:

    • Integration management
    • Scope management
    • Time management
    • Cost management
    • Quality management
    • Human resources management
    • Communication management
    • Risk management
    • Procurement management
    • Stakeholder management
    Training kit

    Each and every participant receives the following training kit:

    1. Slides notebook (over 620 slides)

    2. Practice questions notebook (hundreds of solved questions, PMP® style)

    3. Simulation test (200 questions)

    4. Solved simulation test (the 200 solved questions)

    5. Summary pages and formulas notebook

    6. PMI® code of ethics

    The Project Management Salary Survey—9th Edition published by the PMI® shows that a PMP® certification increases your earning potential by about 17% relating to your non-certified colleagues.

    Click for viewing some of the thank-you and recommendation notes we received

     For additional details and registration call 054-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the registration form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


  • RecommendEng

    Project Management Recommendations


    "I wanted to thank you for a dedicated and professional service, [...] Your PMO support, along with establishment and improvement of working procedures and check lists, both for projects and for ongoing department operations, were highly beneficial for us. We enjoyed and still enjoy from lasting results of your work. P.M.Team's work ethics was outstanding, delivering results with professionalism, great atmosphere, quick response time and high level of care and devotion." Veronika Loiferman, PMO and Global Launch Manager, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd outlook
    "The personnel that P.M. Team Ltd. provided did an excellent job of integrating the installation and commissioning of the new process systems into the normal construction activities, bringing clarity to a very complicated project. CDI is highly satisfied with the support that Dan Barzilay and his team provided which makes it easy and a pleasure to recommend P.M Team Ltd. as a supplier of PMO services on complex multi-disciplinary construction projects." Peter B. Strachan P.E., Executive VP Special Projects, Commonwealth outlook
    "P.M. Team managed to build complex schedule and submit the project plan for the end customer approval as well providing us professional services in: building, updating and controlling the project schedule and its sub projects, producing and submitting internal and external reports, men load planning and assisting the project engineers and building a weekly work planp [...] There is no doubt the professionalism of the PMO by P.M. Team contributed a lot the project management." Alon Hadad, Project Manager, Koor Metals outlook
    "As the PMO of the Phoenix, we are working hard to manage many project management challenges, so I’m happy to say your guidance and work helped a great deal in the following:
    • Project Server customizations
    • Validating and improvements to the work processes
    • Project management methodologies and advises regarding the Dashboard
    • Joint thinking, help with design and development of the system according to our needs
    • Defining KPI's for the project managers and senior management
    The project management in our company took a positive turn thanks to you."
    Sharon Levy-Daklo, PMO Team Manager, Phoenix outlook
    "We would like to recommend P.M. Team Ltd, for providing us highly professional PMO and Document Control services and ongoing operational support.We would like to mention the dedication of the team, the professionalism, the availability and the ability of the CEO, Mr. Dan Barzilay, to allocate the teams and the qualified people to the different activities and tasks in our working sites" Eli Biton, Director of Operations, Chemo Aharon outlook
    "This is the 4th year we are working together, a long period of time, which allows me to express my appreciation to the professionalism, devotion and the focus of you and your team. You managed to finish tasks ahead of an aggressive and demanding schedule and performed many tasks while keeping a friendly and pleasant working atmosphere." Saar Admony, PMP, IT PM, Omrix outlook
    "The implementation included methodological and  technical aspects using Clarizen project management system. [...] P.M Team professionals personally arrived to our sites with vast professional knowledge, highly motivated and with a lot of patience to conduct the training to all levels of employees. The feedbacks from our units and dairies were very positive, and you have been asked to continue your guidance and assistance sessions after the first implementation, for improvement purposes." Ran Kopel, Manager Of Corporate Investment Budget, Tnuva outlook
    "[…] successful implementation of Clarizen project management software, as their work was very professional. [...] A company is evaluated not only when path is smooth and wide open but by the way it handles challenges. P.M. Team faced the challenges of tight schedule and limited budget against various issues and they delivered the goods! [...] I have a vast experience with project management in some of the leading companies in Israel and I must admit that P.M. Team efforts were far and beyond the norm." Sagiv Amit, Technical Eng., Concept Creative Technology outlook
    "I wish to note that from the very beginning of the project, the P.M. TEAM crew was professional, responsible and committed. Those qualities were crucial for the project success, in order to overcome the challenges along the way." Vadim Beigel, PMO Team Manager, Phoenix outlook
    "I wish to recommend P.M. TEAM Ltd for team development processes and coaching sessions they delivered in the past two years. Following the feedbacks from the teams and testimonies from the field, we definitely feel that development and coaching processes helped the teams to cope with the daily conflicts and challenges...."" Dafna Bar-Ness Segev, Training Lead, Omrix outlook
    "P.M. TEAM Ltd supplied us with excellent project management services. I was delighted to see that Dan's work and P.M. Team's services were highly professional, creative with good human relations and excellent results."" Eran Bargil, Senior Program Manager, Micron outlook
    "I wish to express my utmost satisfaction and recommend P.M. TEAM Ltd for its PMO and project management services. In a short period of time P.M. TEAM has managed to establish orderly project management processes and working EPM systems, combined with PMO services. P.M. TEAM's services were characterized with high level of professionalism, practical added values, proactive approach and excellent human relations." Rotem Regev, General project manager, Siemens outlook
    "I wish to thank P.M. TEAM Ltd who supplied us with PMO services for electrical installation project at Intel Kiryat-Gat. Although the project already started when you joined, you have quickly succeeded in putting together an efficient PMO system, technically and methodologically. P.M. Team's engineers were characterized with proactive and hands-on approach." Danny Suissa, Operational Manager, Elmor Electrical Services outlook
    "I wish to recommend P.M. Team's excellent PMO services! [...] P.M. Team's work was chracterized in professionalism, creativity, commitment, great human relations and qick response time to any project management issue. P.M. Team's support provided me, as a project manager and a site manager, valuable project management assistance." Ron Haviv, Project Management & Supervision outlook
    "I was impressed by the PMO services, training services and consulting services P.M. Team Ltd provided us. The services were characterized with professionalism, much experience and a lot of dedication while supplying planning and tracking services as well as project management training. [...] I was especially impressed by the experience in combing PMO build up, ongoing management and support with managerial trainings." Vadim Beigel, PMP, Engineer, Planning and Control, Siemens outlook
    "I wish to recommend Mr. Dan Barzilay, from P.M. TEAM Ltd, as an expert consultant in project management. Through working with Dan I noticed he has a great human relations, he is very professional and has a lot of project management experience along with rare ability to combine project management methodologies with software applications as well as excellent focusing and execution skills, in order to help project managers and to get the work done." Rachel Hadas, VP Product, Clarizen outlook
    "I was deeply impressed with Dan's management skills, his ability to analyze and plan complex projects, the short amount of time he required to learn the relevant professional knowledge, his dedication, excellent team work skills and above all his work ethics diligence. Will be happy to supply further details" Eran Barghil, Service Manager, Numonyx outlook
  • Tips for the PMP® exam

    Tips for the PMP® exam


    The Learning process

    The following table displays a recommended program as part of the preparation to the test. This program is suitable for those who cannot take vacation requires 3-4 hours of training per day.


    1 Project Phases
    Solve 100 questions
    Integration & Scope
    Solve 50-100 questions
    Time & Cost
    Solve 50-100 questions
    Quality & HR
    Solve 50-100 questions
    Full Simulation Test
    2 Risk & Communication
    Solve 50-100 questions
    Take a time out or
    Solve mini Quizzes
    Procurement & Stakeholders
    Solve 50-100 questions
    Code of Ethics
    Solve various questions
    Full Simulation Test
    3 Take the Test -
    Good Luck!


     1. Learn by solving questions is better than reading the theoretical materials

    2. At the end of each training session, it is important to find the questions where you were wrong, read and understand the correct answer, in order not to have the same mistake in a similar questions in the future – this is the way to get better!

    3. Solve questions with a timer to simulate the pressure of time you have during the exam and check if you solve questions in a reasonable time.

    4. Use the different files we provide at our course student page (user name and password are required) -


    The Day of the PMP® exam

    It is recommended not to take a simulation test a day before the exam in order to save your strengths and prevent a mental load.

    Sleep well the night before the exam.

    At the morning of the exam, eat well. If the exam is taking place during noon hours then don't eat close to the exam hour.

    Remember – proper nutrition helps maintain concentration.

    Arrive to the exam center before your scheduled time in order to find your class and also locate the closest toilets facilities. Remember – breaks during the exam is at your expense.


    During the PMP® exam

    1. Draw/write the matrix of the project processes and knowledge areas and the formulas on the papers/whiteboard you receive – do it before the exam starts, using the time you are given for checking the computer-human interface. Ask the supervisor in place 2 minutes for arrangements and then press the start button by yourself. It is important that you write down the data not on expense of the exam time. This data will help you in the advanced stages of the exam when your focus is not at the pick.

    2. Read the last line first / the question itself first. Sometimes, only by this information you can know what the correct answer is (or at least what is not the correct answer).

    3. Use the 'mark'/'flag' option for question you feel that are taking too much time to solve or that you are not sure of your answer and you would like to get back to those questions at the end of the time, assuming you got time left. Statistically, your first choice is the right answer (for example- if you used the elimination technique but weren't sure what to choose between the 2 final answers).

    4. Don't fight the questions – if you could not solve it within a minute, mark the answer you think is most likely to be correct, flag it and move to the next one.

    5. Notice the exam timer – check yourself every period of time and check if the quantity of answered questions is good. For example – after 1 hour, 50 questions needs to be already behind you. If you solved less - take a quick break, wash your face, eat something sweet and get back to the exam with energies and a faster pace.

    6. Try to identify keywords / phrases that can give a clue to solve the question correctly or at least help you rule out 1-2 possible answers. The elimination method will help you to choose the right answer.


    What to take with you to the PMP® Exam

    • You will need 2 of the following 3: ID, driver's license, passport
    • A long shirt in case it's cold at the exam center
    • Suggested food – dates, almonds, walnuts and chocolate (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)
    • A small bottle of water or a sweet cold strong coffee (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)
    • Toilet paper (you leave it in the locker outside the exam room)


    P.M. Team provides an Advanced project management and PMP® preparation course.

    Students taking this course have access to free online simulation test (200 questions, 4 hours) as a practice for the exam, as well another simulation test (200 questions, 4 hours) which is taking place in class.

    For additional details, please contact Sarit: +972-54-4551568, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


  • איזור סטודנטים

  • גלריית תמונות קורסים

    גלריית תמונות קורסים

  • ניוזלטרים

    ניוזלטר חודש פברואר 2014

      שלום לכולם

      במקביל לפעילות פרויקטאלית ענפה הכוללת אספקת שירותי תכנון ובקרה (PMO) למגוון פרויקטים, כגון הקמת
      תחנת הכח לייצור חשמל על בסיס גז בתל צפית, פרויקט סלילה ובינוי לנתיבי איילון, התקנות במפעלי ים המלח,
      הקמת מפעל  התפלת מי ים באשדוד, הטמעת תוכנת הקלריזן לניהול פרויקטים (וורסיית וי 6 החדשה)
      במחלבות תנובה ועוד, אנו שמחים לעדכן בהתייחס לקורסים:

    Logo Hebrew


     advanced PMP בינואר סיימנו מחזור מוצלח נוסף של קורס ניהול פרויקטים מתקדם והכנה
    למבחן ה®PMP
    , ב30 למאי 2014 יפתח מחזור נוסף. 
     advanced software it

     בפברואר סיימנו מחזור מוצלח נוסף של קורס שיטות מתקדמות לניהול
    פרויקטי תוכנה ומערכות מידע
     ב 29 ליוני 2014 יפתח מחסור נוסף.

     managing-construction-and-infrastructure-projects-course  בפברואר הסתיים בהצלחה המחזור הראשון (!) של הקורס הבכיר להקמה
    וניהול פרויקטי תשתית
    ,  בשיתוף של פי.אמ.טים בע"מ, ונתיבי ישראל,
    החברה הלאומית לתשתיות תחבורה בע"מ.
    ב13 למאי 2014 יפתח מחזור נוסף.
    yaniv   רוצים לדעת מה התחדש ב ® PMBOK מהדורה 5? קראו את המאמר מפרי
    עטו של יניב לוי צדק


    P.M. Team Ltd

    לפרטים נוספים בנוגע לקורסים הקרובים ניתן ליצור קשר עם שרית: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 054-4551568

    להסרה מרשימת התפוצה ניתן לשלוח מייל  ל This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    וההסרה תתבצע מיידית



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