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P.M.Team Ltd won and is successfully executing a consulting and training bid of Harish Local Municipality for the establishment of a PMO unit, which will function as a professional knowledge center and will be responsible for leading projects in Harish Municipality!

P.M.Team Ltd supplied PMO services for the both power plants build ups projects: Dorad group in Ashkelon and Dalia Energy in Tel-Tsafit, for planning and tracking construction, infrastructures and installations. The plants are to manufacture electricity based on natural gas.

P.M.Team Ltd was chosen to deliver PMO services to the partnership of Elmor Electric and Inter Electric, regarding their infrastructure projects in southern Israel.

P.M.Team Ltd has, successfully, managed IT projects for the IT Corporate Services department of Micron Semiconductors Israel Ltd, as well as delivering PMP® trainings to managers from the engineering, production, processes and IT departments. 

P.M.Team Ltd consults Siemens CSP Israel, relating to project management methodologies, technical support for managing projects with MS Project server, development and delivery of tailor made reporting services on top of the existing MS Project Server, accompanied with "How to manage projects with MS Project" courses for project managers, delivered by our experienced trainers! 

P.M.Team Ltd won a bid for supplying PMO services to the IDF, for a software development and implementation project of a SAP based ERP system. 

P.M.Team Ltd delivered a succesfull PMP® preparation course to Mobileye, a manufacturer of collision warning systems and vehicle tracking systems. 

P.M.Team Ltd delivered a successful 3 day team development workshop for Omrix Biopharmaceuticals of Johnson & Johnson companies, hosted by Inbal Hotel and the science museum in Jerusalem! 

P.M.Team Ltd supports the PMO of the IT department of the Phoenix insurance company, through tailoring project management methodologies according to the needs of the different sections within the IT department, as well as technical support for managing projects with MS-Project Server. 

P.M.Team Ltd has delivered a successful "Advanced Project management with MS-Project" trainings to project manages and team leaders of the IT department of Yedioth Ahronoth: YIT, for incorporating technical MS-Project know how with methodological project management guidelines. The specially designed training technique, incorporating technical skills with methodological guidelines, had a practical high added value to the project management abilities of the participants. 

P.M.Team Ltd supports construction and infrastructure project planning, tracking and management, for Kibuts Revivim.

At the 19th of February 2014 P.M. Team Ltd has completed another successful public course of "Managing Software & IT Projects", for training IT and software project managers. The course has IT related specific contents, as well as project management and soft skills lessons.

P.M.Team Ltd works with the software development team of Clarizen in order to strive for functional excellence of the project management software: Clarizen. 

P.M.Team Ltd delivered a succesfull PMP® preparation course to RSA, the security division of EMC. 


P.M. Team Ltd provides PMO services for managing, planning and executing a mega project by Chemo Aharom Ltd, as part of the power plant establishment at Tzafit site.


P.M. Team Ltd delivered a successful AGILE & Software Development Methods for the direct banking department of Bank Hapoalim.

P.M. Team Ltd was chosen to lead the infrastructure project management courses of "Nativay Israel", the public roads, railways and construction company.


P.M. Team delivered a successful advanced project management course, including ms-project training, to Omrix Biopharmaceuticals of Johnson & Johnson companies.


 P.M. Team supplies PMO services to construction and infrastructure projects for Afcon Installations and services Ltd, in numerous customer sites in Israel and manages the planning and tracking of work plans, schedules, risks and budgets.

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PMO Office

  • Company Profile

    Company Profile

    company profile

    P.M. Team Ltd provides a variety of project and program management services and courses, including managing, planning, tracking or supporting projects within the IT (Information Technologies), Construction & Infrastructure and Semiconductors industries.

    Our services include:

    • Managing the projects – integrating all work areas
    • Analysis & Improvements of organizational project management processes– from interviews and data collection, analysis of findings and problems, to providing solutions and implementation of tailor made techniques in order to become more efficient and more profitable.
    • Bid analysis & Preparation – preparation of scope, schedule, budget, projectized OBS (Organizational Breakdown Structure), resource and quality plans, for bid answer (sellers side), as well as for bid preparation from buyer's side.
    • Schedule Management – planning and tracking the project or program schedule with the assistance of project management soft ware's (MS-Project, Primavera, Clarizen, etc), including building auto reports and indictors according to the project needs.
    • Scope Management – Planning & tracking the project scope from the initial stages of creating the project charter (which has to do also with budget & schedule), defining the projects SOW (Statement\Scope Of Work) and building the WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) in order to break down the work to work packages for assignments and hands on management. Putting together a CCB (Change Control Board) process in order to manage scope changes and project changes.
    • Cost & Budget management – Cost estimations and budget planning according the project needs (per resources, timelines, etc), working with cost indicators, including implementation of Earned Value indicators & management.
    • Risk management – Mapping & defining the project risks, risk register build up, risk responses strategies: planning and implementation.
    • Building and managing PMO (Project Management Office) teams for successful execution of projects and programs.
    • Project management trainings, courses & workshops, including MS-Project coursesand advanced project management trainings:
      • Introductory Workshop on Project Management
      • Project Management Fundamentals Course
      • An Advanced Project Management Course, containing PMP® exam preparation
      • Managing IT and Software Projects Course
      • Two days workshop dealing with risk management, resource management and negotiation skills
      • A variety of Soft Skills workshops: Leadership & management, communication, motivation, empowerment and more
    • Coaching and training for personal and professional empowerment, team development, conflict management and various soft skills for individuals and teams, by P.M. team's expert coacher and organizational development consultant. Our O.D.T workshops are highly recommended.
    • Coaching and developing managers in order to empower management skills, soft skills, communication skills, team building techniques, and more, by P.M. team's expert coacher.
    • Facilitating organizational changes and organizational development by P.M. team's organizational development consultant.

    For additional details call +972-54-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


  • project management

    Project Management & PMO Services

    project management

    What is project management? What is a project?

    Project management (including PMO services for successful project management) is a branch of the management sciences, dealing with planning and tracking of projects, while a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result !
    Project management is implementing knowledge, skills, tools and techniques relating to the project work and project activities in order to meet the project objectives.

    Examples of projects, may be:

    • Development of a new product or service
    • Implementing a change to an organizational structure or method of work
    • Development, purchasing or implementing an information system
    • Buildup of infrastructure or a building
    • Improving or implementing a new business process or new procedure
    How many times have you heard about a failing project and wondered how could it happen?

    Researches (Standish Group) over the recent years show an increase in projects success rates but still 24% are failing and only 32% are finished properly. Where are the rest of the cake parts? 44% of the projects are challenged and moving between success to failure when there are several main factor for the failure:

    Incomplete Requirements & Specifications, Lack of User Involvement, Lack of Planning and Lack of Resources.

    Where do we fit in?

    Whether the project is complicated or you do not have the knowledge or experience – let us manage it for you all the way to success. P.M. TEAM Ltd has a team of project management specialist, experienced in planning & tracking and providing various project management services. We will be there from the very beginning, from the initiation and requirements phases, through the project planning, conducting the tracking and till the project end.

    Your project is behind schedule or budget? It is still not late to direct it back to the correct course. Our PMP® certified and an experienced project manager will help you to spot the failures and the required actions to perform in order to meet the project constraints.

    What is a PMO?

    PMO – Project Management Office is an organizational unit designed to assist with the organization project management. The PMO roles and responsibilities is various and changing according the environment it functions but it's major role which is common in all organizations is to be a responsible function for the planning and control processes of projects activities in the organization.

    The PMO centralized the professional knowledge and designed to improve the project management abilities in the organization and improve the PM performances in order to push the organization forward.

    Some of the PMO roles may include:

    1. Planning schedule for projects

    2. Integration between projects, programs and portfolios

    3. Schedule control, troubleshooting and performance evaluations

    4. Planning and control of budget

    5. Preparing status reports

    6. Managing cross organizational resources

    7. Training and developing project management methodology, policies and standards

    8. Indicators establishment

    9. Risks Management

    When a PMO is required and how we can help you?

    If you are interested in establishing a Project Management Office, which will take care of a proper project management, be able to supply a quality status at any time and improve the organization's compliance with its business objectives – let us help you!

    P.M. TEAM is specialized in establishment, training and managing PMOs, while integrating project management tools such as MS Project, Primavera and Clarizen, according to your needs.

      PM sketch


     For additional details call +972-54-3003901 (Oren) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!


  • Project Management - PMO Course

    Project Management - PMO Course

    PMO Course

    A course of 40 academic hours, teaching the necessary basics for project management according to the PMBOK® guidelines combined with P.M. Team's vast project management experience, including cases studies and real life project management examples.
    The course consists of 10 meetings, 4 academic hours each for a meeting and it is offered directly to organizations and companies.

    Course Content

    Meeting 1:
    General Introduction
    Introduction to project management, PMI® and PMBOK®
    Project Life Cycle
    • Initiation – how a project is created
    • Planning – how is it done properly?
    • Execution – how to "Conduct an orchestra" and achieve the goals
    • Monitoring & Control – how is it done throughout the project?
    • Closing – what are the processes of project closure?

    Meeting 2:
    Project Integration Management and Change Management – preparing project charter, preparing project management plan, guidance and management of the project execution, monitoring and control of the project, closing project or project phase.

    Meeting 3:
    Project Scope Management – planning scope, collecting requirements, defining scope, creating WBS, validating scope, controlling scope along the project life cycle.

    Meeting 4:
    Project Time Management – planning time management, defining activities, sequencing activities, estimating resources, estimating durations, developing schedule, controlling schedule along the project life cycle.

    Meeting 5:
    MS-Project – managing, planning and controlling project with ms-project. Learning the basics and practicing the former methodological lesson.

    Meeting 6:
    MS-Project – learning advanced content & tools to help you control your project as you wish.

    Meeting 7:
    Project Cost & Budget Management – planning cost management, estimating costs, determining the budget, controlling costs vs the project budget, using the Earned Value Management model.

    Meeting 8:
    Project Risks Management – planning risks management, identify risks, risks qualitative analysis, risks quantitative analysis, plan risk responses, control risks through the project phases.

    Meeting 9:
    Final Project Guidance Session – working in teams, with the lecturer guidance, to create a project plan which is to be presented in class. The project will reflect the course content.

    Meeting 10:
    Presenting the projects
    Course summation and certificates ceremony

    Course Study Materials
    1. Comprehensive booklet with all course slides
    2. Link, user name and a password to the course website for additional content by P.M. Team: various files, ms project videos, sketches, articles and more

    Click for viewing some of the thank-you and recommendation notes we received

    Click for studying materials

    For additional details and registration call +972-52-5259968 (Dan) or fill in the contact form on the right, and we will contact you shortly!

  • האם משרד ה PMO שונה בעידן האג׳ייל ומה הקשר לתרבות הארגונית?

    אג׳ייל היא גישה שכאשר משתמשים בה באופן מתאים טומנת בחובה הבטחות רבות.
    כמובן שבכל גישה חדשה שאנו מאמצים ומבצעים בה שימוש, הגישה החדשה יוצרת הרבה הבטחות וציפיות.
    ניהול פרויקט בגישת האג׳ילית ממוקם באופן מסורתי כהופכי לניהול פרויקט בגישת מפל המים.
    כידוע, אין שום דבר פסול בגישת מפל המים לצורך סיום ומסירה מוצלחת של פרויקטים.

About Us

P.M. Team is an Israeli company providing project management solutions throughout the world. We are  specializing in project management and organizational consultation, including:

  • Project management and PMO services, from initiation and defining projects needs and requirements phases, through planning and tracking projects, relating to scope of work, schedule, budget, risks, human resources, to closure
  • Design and implementation of EPM systems
  • Analysis and improvement of project management processes and processes in general
  • Process improvements by implementation of tools and techniques according to the organization needs, re-organization and coaching by our certified coacher
  • Project management courses, including PMP® preparation courses, as well as management workshops

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Project Management

What is project management? What is a project?

Project management is a branch of the management sciences, dealing with planning and tracking of
projects, while a project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result !

A project must be defined with, at least, a scope of work (what is to be done?), a time frame
(When?) and a budget (How much shall it cost?).

Examples of projects, may be:

  • Development of a new product or service
  • Implementing a change to an organizational structure or method of work
  • Development, purchasing or implementing an information system

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Courses & Workshops

P.M. Team Ltd offers a wide array of Project Management Courses, based on the PMBOK® guidelines, including basic and advanced project management courses, PMP® preparation courses for passing the Project Management Professional exam of the PMI® organization, trainings for managing projects with MS PROJECT, CLARIZEN, PRIMAVERA and more.

We also offer managerial trainings and courses such as conflict management, team management, negotiations skills, risk management,contract management, leadsership workshop, time management, team buildup and soft skills in general.

Our courses are offered as one on one trainings, private courses for organizations, after customizing them according to the customer's needs, or through registering to our public courses.

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